About WXNZ HooSkow Radio FM 98.1

WXNZ is a low powered FM community radio station which brings local events, discussions and music to the greater Skowhegan area.

In the heart of central Maine, the town of Skowhegan offers natural beauty, abundant agriculture, music, art and a voice all its own. The Wesserunsett Arts Council has been issued a construction permit by the FCC for a community radio station. WXNZ already has a home. We’ve been given the use of 4 cells in the former Somerset county jail. HooSkow Radio is located alongside the Somerset Grist mill, The Miller’s Table, Happy Knits and the Farmers Market. What a great place for a community radio station.

Now we’re asking for your help. New radio stations need equipment. In order for members of the community to have a show on air, produce in studio recordings/remote broadcasts, discuss relevant issues and pay musicians fairly through proper licensing of the music you love.

Hooskow Radio PO Box 94 Skowhegan, Me 04976

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